Hofmeister Beer

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While Hofmeister Helles might be fairly new, it hasn’t stopped some of the UK’s best Beer Experts and Trade gurus from giving it plaudits left, right and centre. Here’s just a teensy bit of what’s been said about our amazingly authentic Helles Lager so far.

"Very satisfying on the palate. Very smooth with no harsh edges. It's a gentle, highly complex beer."

"It has a great balance of elegant maltiness and a restrained, fragrant hoppiness."

"Light, bright and very drinkable. Very well balanced. It showcases lager brewing at its best and the importance of good quality raw materials."

"An easy drinking beer. Refreshing with a pleasing dryness. It needs skill to make a beer of this brilliance."


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It’s been a while. But never fear, Hofmeister is back. But before you can Follow The Bear again, we need to do the legal bit and check you’re 18 or over (although if you remember Hof the first time around, you definitely are!).

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…but you’re not old enough to enter our site. Pop back when you’re 18 and we’ll happily tell you about our genuine Bavarian Helles Lager. But it’s going to have to be ‘auf wiedersehen’ till then.