George the Hofmeister Bear

the Hofmeister bear is back

Yup, you read it right: Hofmeister is back. And it’s bigger, better, Bavarian-er than ever before. Slow-brewed in Germany and crafted according to the 1516 Reinheitsgebot Beer Purity Law, we think our genuine Bavarian Helles is the best lager you can get your paws on.

For Great Helles Lager, Follow The Bear.

Hofmeister Beer Bottle Hofmeister Beer Bottle

hello, stranger

It’s been a while. But never fear, Hofmeister is back. But before you can Follow The Bear again, we need to do the legal bit and check you’re 18 or over (although if you remember Hof the first time around, you definitely are!).

Hofmeister Bear

sorry to be the bear-er of bad news...

…but you’re not old enough to enter our site. Pop back when you’re 18 and we’ll happily tell you about our genuine Bavarian Helles Lager. But it’s going to have to be ‘auf wiedersehen’ till then.